Why window films?

What advantages do window films have

  • The sun will not heat you while driving
  • Your child will travel more comfortably
  • You will be protected from shards of glass in case of breakage
  • People will not see your back seat and trunk area
  • You will be completely protected from UV radiation

What type of automotive window film?

Did you know that there is a window film behind which you don't feel the heat of the sun?
Did you know that the SkyFol NT Ceramic 90 heat protection film can be officially installed on the front windows?
Professional automotive window films straight from the USA and from Israel.


Where to have the film installed?

Recommended application prices for the first time in Hungary, for you to know the price for which you can expect professional application.
The world's first application network with objective evaluation by clients.


Installation prices

Installation prices

What is the realistic price of an automotive film installation?
For what price can you expect
a good quality service?
Why is anautomotive film cheaper than the other one?

From SkyFol's five automotive film series, you will surely find the right one for your needs and financial possibilities.!

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Where is film application legal?

Where is film application legal?

Check where it is legal to install SkyFol window films in Hungary, and what documents and marks you will get if you have your car filmed by a certified SkyFol installer.

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Car wrapping

Would you like to stand out of the crowd with a car with a unique look?
Are you head over heels in love with matt metallic cars?
Are you looking for professional application and for a film which stays beautiful in the long run?

Enter the world of
professional car wrapping.


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Where to have the film installed?

SkyFol introduced an objective assessment system for you to check the opinion of previous customers.


Heat protection film application

How does heat protection work in a window film? Why is one film better than the other one? What to look out for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to take the glass out?
  • Will the film get damaged by moving the window?
  • How can the film be removed?
  • Why are window films better than factory-dyed glasses?
  • Will the window film interfere with my driving?
  • How will I know if an installer is reliable or not?
  • How long does it take to have the window film installed?
  • What can the police do if my car has a film without a certificate?
  • How can the window filmed glass be cleaned?
Have you got more questions?

SkyFol NT Ceramic 90

SkyFol NT Ceramic 90 is an efficient automotive window film legally applicable on front side windows with a certificate number and quality certificate.

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