The economical privacy protection window film

By 2020-04-16 Egyéb No Comments

What is the primary reason of breaking into a car? It is possible to see through the windows so the probable gain of breaking into the car can be assessed. Protect your car from curious gazes. The SkyFol NR series contains the perfect privacy control window films. If heat protection is not important to you but you would like to reach constant privacy control, this series is the most economical choice.


By radically decreasing incoming light, the film darkens the window and prevents free insight into the interior of the car. As a result of this decreased insight, the probability of the car getting broken into decreases as well, as the thief cannot asses the expected gain.

Thanks to the professional UV filtering layer built into the structure of the Skyfol NR window films, we provide one of the highest values in the film industry, which will be durable for long years.


The SkyFol NR series manufactured with three times as durable pigments as usual, with a crystal clear adhesive. It provides long-lasting performance without having to fear that it gets purple or delaminated from the window.