UV protection

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You can keep your skin beautiful if you protect it from UV radiation. Skyfol heat and solar protection automotive window films filter 99% of UV radiation, thus protecting your skin from harmful effects. UV radiation is able to reach deeper layers of the skin, and in extreme cases it can also cause mutations, potentially leading to cancerous disorders.


Another danger of UV is that is causes the greying of the eye lenses, especially in young children – this makes it more likely that cataracts will be formed. The problem with other shading solutions (such as factory darkened glasses or sunshades) is that they darken the interior space, so your kid’s pupils will dilate. As these solutions filter only about 30-40% of UV, radiation is even more harmful. Beside complete UV protection, Skyfol window films are capable of very strong heat protection, too – car trips will become more pleasant and your health is protected at the same time.

Think about the time you spend in your car, while you are constantly exposed to UV radiation……