Maximum protection

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Skyfol PPF Nano+ is the choice for cars that are really put to the test!

With 30% increased thickeness the Nano+ offers extreme protection against road debris. Especially developed for race tracks and experience driving centers, the Skyfol PPF Nano+ offers an unmatchable level of protection. Thanks to the special clear coat the surface gloss is perfect, while cleaning is easy, as the film has water repellant properties. Self healing works the same way as with Skyfol PPF Nano.


Skyfol PPF Nano+ is the most durable way to protect your car. The polyurethane film is one of the most durable materials that man can make, initially developed for space technology and then for aerial use. Nowadays, it is widely used in the construction industry when it comes to insulating materials that perform well for up to 30-40 years.

Choose the maximum protection, choose the Skyfol PPF Nano+!