Durable and affordable

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Products of the Skyfol SI series are aluminium metallized heat protection window films, which are the most cost-effective solutions in the Skyfol range. Because of their low heat absorption, these films efficiently filter radiant energy, resulting in a short payback period. We offer colored versions as well, which we recommend to places where the facade needs to be colored. However, it is important to know about these variants that they are less efficient and have shorter durability than non-colored versions. The Skyfol SI series is best suited for industrial buildings and offices.

Spiegelung des Himmels in einer blauen Fensterfassade.

The SI series contains aluminum only, which makes it reflective. Reflective films provide daytime privacy protection. Many people are in misunderstanding and think that visibility from the outside is blocked through reflective films in the evenings, too. It is important to clarify that the film can reflect in the direction where the light is coming from. This means that in the case of a silver reflective film, if it is dark outside in winter and when you turn on a lamp, visibility from the outside will be clear, while visibility from the inside will be limited.


Choose Skyfol SI for most cost-effective solution!