Skyfol PPF Nano – Invisible protection for your car

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Have you bought your new car and you would like the paint to remain undamaged for years? Are you fed up with stone chips? Do you often drive at places where vegetation can damage the paintwork? Has someone ever scrathed your car with a key? Has your door been hit in the parking lot of shopping centers? If you want to keep your car immaculate, Skyfol PPF Nano paint protection film will be of great help.

Paint scratch on car. Insurance company checking car damage

Skyfol PPF Nano has a special coating with a gloss surface that provides a perfect glossy look for your car. The special clear coat results in the film being highly resistant to contaminants such as water marks, insects, bird droppings, salts and oils, which would cause the yellowing of the film and damage the surface. Skyfol PPF Nano protects the body of the car from minor stone chips, surface scratches, damage caused by car wash brushes and other similar impacts, and eliminates tiny surface scratches in the film with the help of „self-healing” technology.


The most advanced raw materials today, the so-called water-repellent films have further increased the benefits of clear coated films. By adding nano particles to the coating, no contamination could get into the surface structure; this is a similar technology to ceramic coatings. The result is a surface that is easier to clean than paintworks, and can provide surface protection at the same time.

Visiting car dealership. Handsome bearded man is stroking his new car and smiling

Choose Skyfol PPF Nano film for truly invisible protection for your car.