Protective film for windshields

By 2020-03-11 Egyéb No Comments

Skyfol WPF is a protective film for windshields that has a special nano coating to decrease the level of damages caused by stone chips. Its high quality scratch-resistant coating provides perfect protection every day, and thanks to its nano coating, drops of water and contamination will get off the surface more easily.

Due to its high level of optical clarity, the driver’s view of the road remains unobstructed. The film blocks 99% of UV radiation, therefore Skyfol WPF protects not only the windshield, but passengers as well.


Sfol WPF is a biodegradable, polyester-based aliphatic thermo polyurethane film. As it is resistant to orange peel, yellowing and UV, it is widely used for the windshield protection of vehicles used outdoors.


Before installing the film on windshields, check local legal regulations that may vary by region.

Skyfol does not warrant the WPF material that is installed contrary to legal regulations, nor takes any liability for related fines.