Perfect glass roof effect

By 2020-03-30 Egyéb No Comments

The Skyfol PPF Nano Black is the world’s first paint protection film with a perfect glass roofing effect.

The black roof provides a sporty look to your car while at the same time increases its elegance. All previous solutions had some compromises: the surface of PVC car wrapping films has an orange peel effect, so their reflection and light are completely behind the glass roof look. With the appearance of Skyfol PPF Nano Black, it is now possible to achieve the perfect glass effect and a clear mirror image.


Like all Skyfol PPF Nano films, Black is also self-healing, so microscratches will simply disappear from its surface. Anyone who has ever seen a scratched black polished surface when the sun is shining on it, knows how important this property of the film is. The special structure of the surface coating allows the film to return to its original state. However, it is important to note that stronger mechanical impacts are capable of penetrating this surface coating and these will not disappear; all the same, the wear and tear of everyday use and cleaning will not be seen on the surface of the film.

Thanks to its water repellent capability, the Skyfol Nano Black paint protection film has similar cleanability properties to ceramic coatings. It provides protection against mechanical impacts and makes cleaning your car easier at the same time. It is no coincidence that this is the best film solution if you want a black glass roof effect.