Which window film corresponds to which? – Don’t be fooled!

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We are very often faced with the problem that a client’s car was tinted with the film of a different manufacturer, and he is not satisfied with its heat protection. More often than not the reason for this is that someone sold a product with poor heat protection and didn’t explain to the customer that there are other film series as well, with different performances. In the list below, we show you the automotive window film series of several manufacturers, grouped together according to their manufacturing technology or to similar categories.

Premium window films
SkyFol NT Pro
3M Crytalline
Llumar AIR
Madico Wincos

Professional window films
SkyFol NT
Llumar LATI
Suntek CXP

Traditional heat protection films
SkyFol HP
Llumar ATR
Madico Onyx
Sun-Gard Black Pearl HP
Suntek HP

Dyed films
SkyFol RS
Llumar ATC
Madico Charcool
Sun-Gard Black Pearl NR
Suntek Standard Pro

It is important to compare similar materials. If you are uncertain, make sure to ask which film series the installer would like to apply on your car.

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